Ask a question

The Making a step change team is keen to enable all stakeholders to have access to those who influence the development of effective whole family focused services.

To that end, we would like you to submit questions you may have for practitioners currently working in partnership with local authority teams to deliver holistic, whole family support; health professionals who are currently delivering effective whole family interventions or family members who can provide expertise in what it is like to receive and recognise effective family support.

Please use the appropriate tab to submit relevant questions. All questions submitted by 23 January 2015 will be answered online by 6 February and detailed at the celebration event on 10 February 2015.

To ask questions please click on leave a comment – you will be prompted to give your email address and name (you will only need to do this once) and then you can leave as many questions as you like!!.

The programme team will need to moderate/approve all posts before they are shown on site so please do not worry if there is a slight delay in you posting something and it appearing.

We look forward to receiving your questions!