Previous Programmes

Integrated Interventions

As part of Carers Trust’s 2011-2013 grant from the Department for Education, eight partnerships consisting of a statutory partner and VCS partner received 18 month grant funding to develop a local, integrated working focused partnership site supporting young carers and their families.

Sites were funded across the English regions and are covering a wide focus across health and social care (e.g. partnerships between young carers’ services and a Hospital Trust, drug and substance misuse teams, disability teams, military focused departments etc.)

These partnerships successfully worked together to embed family focused approaches, specifically focusing on early intervention and prevention of excessive or harmful caring, and improving integrated interventions for young carers (aged under 18) and their families across England.

It is envisioned that the funding allocated to four of these sites will continue to support young carers and their families identified within their current project but also work together to develop extended referral pathways between the statutory and VCS sectors (e.g. current sustainable referral pathway created with young carers’ service and Drug and Alcohol Team will be tested with Disability Team members in statutory partner and/or linked family member focused VCS organisation).

Prevention through Partnership

Prevention through Partnership (PtP) was run jointly by The Children’s Society’s Include Programme and Stars National Initiative. It aimed to build partnerships to increase the effectiveness of early interventions, preventing poor outcomes for children, young people and their families.

The principle activity was the delivery of 17 capacity building seminars, attracting interdisciplinary managers and practitioners. The objectives were to:

  • support the implementation of national guidance
  • help develop local guidance and protocols to implement good collaborative working
  • provide online resources, tools and good practice examples supporting whole family working within the extended workforce.

Seminars were underpinned by resources given to each area, and a comprehensive website with follow-up, phone and email support as needed. Each area completed an action plan which was typed and emailed back to participants within a week to maintain momentum. After 18 months, follow-up calls were undertaken with 40 areas to review progress. This fed into a national celebration event in February 2013 involving Edward Timpson MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State (children and families) and Doctor Maggie Atkinson, Children’s Commissioner for England.