The law is changing for young carers and their families.

The consultation on draft regulations on new duties to support young carers has now closed.

The consultation details can be found here: DfE / GOV.UK

This was a focused, five week consultation to seek your views on the draft regulations which amplify and underpin Section 96 of the Children and Families Act 2014. This introduced new rights to improve how young carers and their families are identified and supported and extends the right to an assessment of their support needs to all young carers under the age of 18 regardless of who they care for, what type of care they provide or how often they provide it. This change also introduces a requirement to make an assessment on the appearance of need.

Through the Children and Families Act and Care Act, the Government is proposing that from April 2015, when a child is identified as a young carer, the needs of everyone in the family are to be considered.

Young carer and siblingThis should trigger action from both children’s and adults services – assessing why a child is caring, what needs to change and what would help the family to prevent children from taking on this responsibility in the first place. The Care Act and Children and Families Act provide a clear framework for local authorities to take a whole family approach to assessing and supporting adults and young carers and delivering support is coordinated way, so that children and young people at risk of undertaking inappropriate caring roles are identified and protected.

What do young people say:

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